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VIDEO: Steve Jobs Back In iPad Mini Parody


Mondo, the makers of the iPhone 5 parody has come out with another one for the iPad Mini which has barely launched hours ago. This time round, check out how Tim Cook’s poor attempt at rapping got Steve Jobs rolling back from the dead. You’ll also see him sparring with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates who made guest appearances. Check out the funny video after the jump:-

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Download League of Heroes For iPhone & iPad


Here’s a new cool sword-wielding RPG game for the iOS called League of Heroes. Developed by Gamelion, you start your adventure in the forest of Frognest where you need to help the villagers. As you go throughout the over 60 quests, you gain experience, special items and treasures. Gamelion mentions that it’s not your typical action adventure game where the world of Frognest expands and changes depending on where and when you play the game. That in itself should provide unique replay value. League of Heroes is free to play and check out the trailer below:-

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Download Space Tanks For iPhone & iPad


Here is a real time strategy game developed by Nexon for the iOS platform. Space Tanks brings back classic tank battling madness that lets you play in story mode or battle with up to six people in network play. Customize your tank with up to 17 different types to choose from with over 100 enhancement and upgrades. Optimized for Retina display, prepare your battle in 16 different battlefields.

You control your tank via the virtual directional buttons on the left with the shoot button on the right. Destroy all your enemies, pick up special power ups and finish proudly on the podium. Space Tanks is free to play and do check out the gameplay video below:-

Download Space Tanks for iPhone

Download Space Tanks for iPad

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iMpulse: Tiny Wireless Controller For iPhone/iPad & Android


Are you a hardcore mobile gamer who prefers physical buttons rather than tapping on virtual buttons? There are wireless controllers out there but can be a bit chunky to take around with. Here comes iMpulse, a tiny wireless controller that lets you carry it around with you and it’s small enough to fit your keychain. This Kickstarter project is 4 button NES controller that lets you connect via Bluetooth 2.1 instead of 4.0 to more compatible devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. iMpulse already supports hundreds of games like Temple Run, Pac-Man, Air Attack HD and others. If you’re interested in this device, head on to the Kickstarter page and pledge $30 or more before November 4th 2012. Check out the video demo below:-

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Download The Wider Image For iPad


Reuters which is the world’s largest news agency has decided to give you “unprecedented photography experience” with this new app called The Wider Image for the iPad. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s what this app gives you. You get some of the best photographs with stories from the photographer’s point of view which is updated daily. Discover events from places you care about that lets you interact with image sequences, read expanded facts and even hear words and sounds. Check out the demo of this free iPad app.

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Download Dishonored: Rat Assassin For iPhone & iPad


Bethesda, the creators of hit PC games like The Elder Scrolls has decided to move into iOS territory with this new game called Dishonored: Rat Assassin. It’s a Fruit Ninja clone where you slice disgusting rats instead of delicious fruits. It can be quite grisly where you can slice the rats multiple times with splashes of red. There’s up to 3 modes that you can play with. Challenges gives you different missions that goes progressively harder with a 3-star score for each successful completion. Assassination mode is similar to Fruit Ninja where you can’t let any rat go off-screen or hitting any of the bombs. Timed mode is where you need to kill as many rats as you can within a time limit.

Dishonored: Rat Assassin seems to be a promotional app for the bigger game called Dishonored that’s coming for the console and PC. This free but fun game will definitely please those who have yet to pay $0.99 for the full version of Fruit Ninja and enjoys some finger slicing action. Check out the video trailer below:-

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Sumo.Fm – Drawing App For iPad

Here’s a new drawing app that’s worth looking for the iPad. Developed by Sumo.Fm, an online gallery where users share images or use the web-based tool that looks very similar to Photoshop. While the online app seems to have many features, the iPad app is a simpler version with all the basic drawing features needed with some extra special effects.

The app is simple to use where you get the typical eraser, undo, redo and a full color palette. What’s cool is that there’s a bunch of presets that’ll let you quickly start your masterpiece. The presets include different painting tools and some effects like marker, thin air brush, oriental ink, grass field, plastic symmetry, etc. Upon choosing the presets, you can still customize the brush settings like angle, size, spacing, etc. There’s even transparency setting for the tools. Once you’re done with your drawing, you can save it to your photo album or upload it to Sumo.Fm, Facebook, Twitter or email.

I must say it was fun drawing and testing out the effects though limited. Sumo.Fm is great if you’re looking for a simple app that’s capable of generating beautiful art with some cool effects. Check out the demo below:-

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Download Blast-A-Way For iPhone & iPad


Blast-A-Way is a new puzzle game with robots that’s just released for the iOS. Developed by Illusion Labs, this 3D platform-puzzler lets you control three robots who are searching for the lost Boxies that’s scattered around levels made of five different materials:- wood, metal, fabric, stone, and plastic. This unique puzzle game requires you to use bombs to blast your way through or teleport from A to B to accomplish your mission.

Blast-A-Way is a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad. Check out the cool gameplay video below:-

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