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15 Best Fitness Apps For iPhone

By , February 2, 2011 | iPhone
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With these affordable apps, you can ditch your gym membership and all you need is your iPhone to get yourself fit and healthy. Here are some of the best fitness apps that help in making your running, gym exercises, eating habits a much more pleasurable experience. You can even do some of the exercises at the comfort of your home.

Here’s a list of the best fitness apps for iPhone:-


1. CrunchFu

Dreaming of getting 6 packs? Then this app will make it a reality. It tracks your stomach crunches and you get to compete with other people online.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 2.8 MB


2. Lose It!

Here’s an app to lose the waistline. It provides an easy way to track the food calories that you’ve eaten and the exercises needed to burn away those calories. It claims the average user of the app has lost 12lbs!


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 9.7 MB


3. GymGoal ABC

Features 280 exercises, working out almost all the essential body parts that you need. Contains animations, images, step by step instructions and performance tips.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 34.4 MB


4. RunKeeper Pro

This app is for tracking your runs and see how well you’ve progressed. Using the iPhone’s GPS, it can track how far you went, how long it took, what your pace/speed was, how many calories you burned, and the path you traveled on a map.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 8.7 MB


5. Fitness Pro

This is an all-in-one app to plan your own workouts. Choose from 450+ exercises with detailed photos of the the workout and it also allows you to track your progress as you go along.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 11.1 MB


6. Munch 5-A-Day

This is a food tracker app to make sure you get your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Get motivated by earning badges when you reach your target.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 11.7 MB


7. IDrinkulator Alcohol Drink Diary with Calorie Counter and Health Doctor

An alcohol consumption tracker, this app allows you to track your alcohol intake and find out how long it’ll take to burn off the calories.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 6.5 MB


8. British Military Fitness: My Fitness Instructor

Lack determination to carry out your crunches? Then this is the app for you. This is a real-time fitness trainer with a motivational instructor to carry out your workout.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 361 MB


9. Nike+ GPS

Another running app tracker that use the iPhone’s built-in GPS to record your pace, distance and run route. You’ll also get voice feedback on your progress as you run.

nike+ gps

Cost: $1.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 14 MB


10. Daily Ab Workout Free

A free app to help you tone your abs with quick 5 minute exercises. A total of 10 different exercises for the free version.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 3 MB


11. Daily Butt Workout Free

Do you want a bum like Jessica Alba? Then this app will help you tone your lower body, butt and legs with 10 quick 5-minute exercises.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 3.6 MB


12. FitnessBuilder

This is the ultimate workout bible. It features up to 5600 images and videos of various exercises. It contains targeted exercises, tips, calculators, body stats info, etc. Pretty pricey app though.


Cost: $9.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 113 MB


13. iTreadmill:Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketStep™

This is one cool app that actually uses the accelerometer to track your distance, calories burned, average speed, etc. Just drop it in your pocket or strap it around your hand and just jog away.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 1.8 MB


14. Run​meter GPS Running Stopwatch

A GPS stopwatch app that lets you track your distance, time and also provides a real-time map of your route.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 8.8 MB


15. Wellness Tip of the Day

This app gives a random physician-approved wellness tip of the day when you click on one of the bouncing balls. Covers food tips, body tips, etc.


Cost: Free
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
App size: 1.6 MB

6 Comments on "15 Best Fitness Apps For iPhone"
  1. .
    February 6, 2011 at 12:16 am

    […] apps: På er der i februar 2011 en anmeldelse af 15 gode apps til fitness. Af disse 15 apps er det nok mest interessant at se på Cruncfu, Lose it, Gymball ABC, Runkeeper […]

  2. Comment left on:
    February 17, 2011 at 9:59 am
    Noel says:

    I like GymGoal, and Fitness Pro looks good. Can’t bring myself to pay $9.99 for Fitness Builder, though. Thanks for the information!

  3. Site Administrator
    February 17, 2011 at 10:30 am
    Jae Vin says:

    No problem man. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Comment left on:
    September 22, 2011 at 5:38 am
    jay says:

    I use fitness one. This is the latest app on App store .

  5. Comment left on:
    October 14, 2011 at 2:06 am
    Jannik says:


    how come my app is not show on your selection 🙂
    I just kicked it into the app store, its called Gym Hero and is a tool for tracking your workouts at the gym. If you want to check it out I will hook you up with a promo code! I would love to know what you think!

  6. Comment left on:
    August 20, 2012 at 8:38 pm
    jaffa says:

    Great information in this blog. Thanks for sharing.

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