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iPhone App of the Day: SuperBodies

By , March 22, 2011 | iPhone
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iphone-app-of-the-day-superbodies-badgeSuperBodies is one fitness app which tells you what your body goes through for different types of athletes. There’s basically 6 types of sports which you can choose from which is Gymnastics, Badminton, Boxing, Volleyball, 100m Dash and Swimming.

This app takes you on a tour through the circulatory, skeletal, muscular, nervous and respiratory systems in your body. It’s pretty video intensive which you can see from the app size, there’s also a 3D tour inside your blood stream as you navigate around either by tilting your iPhone or by swiping gestures. The video will then appear to explain what that body part is doing for a particular sport.

If you’re interested in knowing more on how the body works for different sports, then do try out this informative app. Check out the iPad video review below by DailyAppShow which is similar to the iPhone version.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Sports
App size: 280 MB
Supported: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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