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The Maglus: Magnetic iPad Stylus

By , April 21, 2011 | iPad
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If you own an iPad stylus, do you have a feeling that you might misplace it one of these day? Fret not, a new invention is on its way (hopefully). There’s a new stylus idea in the works called the The Maglus (probably short for magnetic stylus) is magnetic and will stick to both your iPad 2 and also the iPad Smart Cover.

The Maglus stylus is the brainchild of Applydea and are seeking funds for the project put up at Fundit. They need €15,000 to get the project kicking and anyone who’s interested have till end of May to contribute to this project. If you like it, you can contribute €20 which will get you one these stylus for free including shipping worldwide if the project kicks off. The retail price for this stylus will be €24.99. Check out the video demo of the product:-

[via: Wired]

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