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iDraw 1.2 For iPad Gets Major Update

By , June 3, 2011 | iPad
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iDraw-1.2-For-iPad-Gets-Major-Update-badgeiDraw is one of the popular vector illustration app for the iPad, sort of the iOS version of Adobe Illustrator. Not so much of a sketching app but it caters more for graphic artists and digital artists. If you’re not sure what’s vector, it’s a graphic format that is easier to work with because they are not dependent on a certain resolution and you can increase the image size without distorting the image. iDraw just received a major revamp with version 1.2 with new user interface and a bunch of new tools. Here are some of the new and updated features as listed on iTunes:-

– Redesigned toolbar and interface
– New ‘Appearance’ pane
– ‘Styles’ library
– Outline editing mode
– Customizable selection color
– Left/Right-side toolbar option
– Increased zoom levels: 10%-6400%
– Significant performance improvements

– Redesigned Pen tool
– Anchor point tool
– Selection tool
– Rotate tool
– Scale tool
– Shear tool
– Duplicate shapes while applying transforms
– Settable origin point for transform tools

– Join paths
– Shape Opacity
– Save and reuse appearance ‘Styles’
– Line Dash Editor / Save Line Dash Styles
– Enable/disable pixel-aligned strokes


Cost: $8.99
Category: Productivity
App size: 4.5 MB

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