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HandyShell: Multi-Function Case for iPad 2

By , June 6, 2011 | iPad
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Speck has unleashed its latest innovative multi-function protective case for the iPad 2 called the HandyShell. It acts as a protective hard-shell case and also has a multi-function handle that can be used as a thumb ring for a one-handed grip or as a stand in landscape or portrait mode. You can even hang it on a wall or in your kitchen!

Product Features:

  • Versatile iPad 2 case with multi-function handle for a firm grip on the go!
  • Use the hinged flip-out handle as a thumb ring for an easy, secure one-hand grip
  • Handle works as a stand for portrait or landscape viewing, plus bunches of other uses
  • Strong and secure hinge supports handle in multiple positions
  • Sleek hard shell with extended bevel for screen protection
  • Raised section on back of case for a comfortable hold

Price: $54.95
Manufacturer: speck
Supported: iPad 2
Website: speck

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