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iPad Stylus: Scribbly Marker Pen

By , June 28, 2011 | iPad
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Before you freak out thinking if that’s a real marker pen, rest assured that it’s just an iPad stylus called the Scribbly which is designed to simulate a marker pen. The built looks like any white board marker and comes with a chiseled tip with no ink and smell of markers that we’ve all come to know. If you prefer a fat body stylus like the Alupen and want a more real experience, then this will appeal to you. You can even wall mount your iPad to make it like a mini white board and complete the real experience, if not nearly. It’s currently not for sale yet according to the product website, but it’ll cost £10 as soon as it’s available which is “coming soon”. You can sign up for a pre-order and get notified as soon as it’s out. Check out the demo video of the stylus below:-

Scribbly product page [via: Wired]

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