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Epson Releases Compatible Projectors for iOS Devices

By , September 16, 2011 | iPhone, iPad
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Megaplex MG-50 Projector

Epson has released 2 projectors which comes with a built-in dock that supports Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. The models are the MegaPlex MG-850 HD and the Megaplex MG-50 which gives you high quality bright output both indoors and outdoors.

This brings a whole new way to utilize your iOS devices where you can play games, watch movies, make presentations, sharing photos, etc on the wall.


Megaplex MG-850HD Projector

Both projectors use 3LCD technology for rich vibrant colors. The Megaplex MG-850HD Projector comes with 720p HD resolution, while the Megaplex MG-50 Projector features a 540p resolution. Both comes with 10w stereo speakers for amazing sound and it also comes with microphone input.

The Megaplex MG-850 HD retails for $799 and the MegaPlex MG-50 is priced at $699.

If you find that it’s a bit too bulky for your liking, you might be interested in some portable projectors for the iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Comment left on:
    September 22, 2011 at 7:13 pm
    Alexander says:

    It looks great! I have to have it!

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