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6 Best PDF Readers for Android

By , October 22, 2011 | Android
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There’s plenty of apps in the Android Market and one of the most useful app to have is a PDF reader which we can use to read our favorite titles or documents. Here’s some of the best PDF Readers for your Android device:-


app 1: ezPDF Reader

When it comes to choosing a PDF reader there are many choices you can go with. However, none seem to match the quality and features of ezPDF Reader. It’s the best selling PDF Reader on the Android Market. Some notable features of ezPDF Reader are that it compresses the text and JPEG files. It also allows for a full-screen view, meaning no menu will be in your way. One of the rarest features is the built-in multimedia viewer and text-to-speech.  Any audio or video in the PDF file won’t have to be opened separately, and the TTS even turns the page automatically. This app is very user tailored as a lot of the features are not seen anywhere else. I find the Add Sticky Note feature comes in handy when I want to make a comment or correction. Highlighting and underlining are also a good feature rarely seen in other PDF reader apps. If you’re serious about how you read your complex documents then ezPDF Reader is the right choice for you.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Productivity
App size: 4.3 MB
Supported: Android 2.1 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)


app 2: Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has been a long-time favorite for PC users. The Android equivalent is no different, it’s one of the most well known PDF Readers out there, not to mention it’s free. The clarity of the PDFs read is very high this is due to the text reflow mode that allows the documents to be adjusted for the screen size. There’s a lot of room for navigation in Adobe Reader such as swiping, searching, page navigator, or the left right hot-spots. Going straight into the app you have no hard time using it, and it comes in over 12 languages. The features that I really admire are the File Manager, and the Send option. There’s no need to ever leave the app. For a free PDF reader, Adobe surely has set the bar very high.


Cost: Free
Category: Productivity
App size: 2.0 MB
Supported: Android 2.1 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)


app 3: RepliGo Reader

Looking to edit your PDFs on the go? Look no further, RepliGo Reader has added a ton of editing features that make it stand out of the PDF reader market. RepliGo has made sure that you can edit your PDF from left to right with features like sticky notes,cross outs, rectangles, ovals, and even lines. If that wasn’t enough you can even adjust the color and border thickness of these features. It isn’t just for editing though, the navigation is very simple and clear to use, simple zoom pinching and swiping. It even supports a trackball if you still have one of those phones. RepliGo also added a feature to get the PDF files directly from your Dropbox or other sources. For your annotation needs Repligo is a nice alternative.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Productivity
App size: 1.3 MB
Supported: Android 2.0 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)


app 4: APV PDF Viewer

APV PDF Viewer is definitely an amazing PDF reader. Even though it’s free, you can tell the developers took their time with the coding. It has some features that the paid apps just don’t. For example, it remembers the last page you were on and when you return, it goes back to it. You even have the option to scroll with the volume keys if that’s convenient for you. In terms of speed it felt just as fast as paid apps I didn’t feel any hiccups. Another great feature is the vertical zoom, it allows you to just swipe down and read. I’ve even heard some folks say they prefer it to Adobe’s more popular reader. If you need a quick and simple PDF viewer APV PDF Viewer is very fast and very simple, and best of all, it’s FREE!


Cost: Free
Category: Productivity
App size: 2.0 MB
Supported: Android 1.5 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)


app 5: Quick Office Pro

Now I know Quick Office Pro isn’t just a PDF reader, it’s an office suite. But that just makes it better, let’s consider it a PDF reader with a lot of other file compatibilities for the sack of the article. Quick Office Pro allows you to remotely get your files from things like Drop box or email. If some of your documents are in DOC form well this handles all of that too. It also features a file manager that isn’t just for documents but for all files. From there you can send your files to email, back to Dropbox, or upload them somewhere else. Heck, NY Times named it one of the top 10 apps to must have. Obviously they’re doing something right. Although it’s focus isn’t just on PDF reading, it does a really good job at it and that’s why it’s featured in this article.


Cost: $14.99
Category: Business
App size: 5.9 MB
Supported: Android 2.0 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)


app 6: Kindle

I’m sure you all know what a Kindle is. Well Amazon has an app for Android that does the exact same thing. This gorgeous app features a selection of over a million books! There’s no editing feature in this PDF reader, all it does is well… Read. Kindle includes hundreds of free Ebooks, but the popular ones are around on average $9.99 per book. I actually use my Kindle app quite a bit and prefer it to book reading. This is because I don’t like carrying a backpack full of books. If you’re not a big book reader Kindle also offers subscriptions to hundreds of popular magazines like The Wall street Journal or even Newsweek. A great feature not included in other PDF readers is the option to lookup any word straight from the app. This is crucial when reading books that are a bit above your usual reading level. Although a very limited PDF Reader, it’s still one of the most used apps on the Android Market!


Cost: Free* Cost of eBooks
Category: Books and Reference
App size: 3.5 MB
Supported: Android 2.1 and up

android-market-download.jpg (172×55)

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