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Stanford Fall 2011 CS193p Lecture Videos out on iTunes

By , November 15, 2011 | How-To
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Stanford-Fall-2011-iPhone-iPad-Development-CS193pIf you are one of those who’s wondering how you can dive into the App Store goldmine rush, then what better than to learn iPhone and iPad development. Stanford has been releasing some great lecture videos for free for the past few years and Paul Hegarty who’s the lead lecturer for Stanford CS193p class mentioned on the course site that the new updated lecture videos will be uploaded on iTunes in early November. I checked it today and true enough it’s now downloadable for free. The course is on going and currently it’s up to the 6th lecture.

I have followed previous semester’s Fall 2010 lecture videos by Paul Hegarty and I highly recommend budding iOS developers to check it out if you are not sure where and how to start. This semester’s Fall 2011 iPad and iPhone Application Development includes updated materials to teach you the latest stuff on iOS 5 and the updated Xcode 4.2 which is very different from XCode 3. So if you’re interested, just head on to iTunes U and download the latest videos. It’s available in both SD and HD version as well.

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