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Cake Pop Party: Create Cake Popsicles For iOS

By , April 5, 2012 | iPhone, iPad
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FreshGames came out with a unique app for the iOS called Cake Pop Party. The app basically lets you create and design your own cake popsicles. You start off with an empty stick and you have a variety of popsicle shapes to choose from. There’s a bunch of ingredients and decorative items that you can add on it like flavors, coatings, backgrounds, sticks, candy, icing, food, surprises, etc.

Once you are done customizing your cake pop, you can even eat it and get hidden surprises. Share your masterpiece with the cake pop world and see other unique cake pop designs from other people with their recipes as well. There’s also some VIP packs like the Easter pack that can be purchased for more season related designs. Currently free for download and check out the video review from crazymikesapps.

Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 106 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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