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Ozaki iCoat-Finger: iPhone 4/4S Case With Stylus

By , April 24, 2012 | Accessories
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Fans of Draw Something on the iPhone will be delighted about this new iPhone case from Ozaki called the iCoat-Finger. Not only does this case protects your iPhone 4/4S from scratches but it also has a built-in stylus that’s attached to the back. The stylus can be easily slid in and out from the back but not everyone will be use to the bulge at the back. The hard case has a rubberized feel to it and the protruding back actually provides a better grip when you’re holding the iPhone. Anyway, a cool looking accessory to have if you’re into sketching and writing apps on the iPhone.

The Ozaki iCoat-Finger is available in 4 different color combinations and is currently selling for $36 at Amazon. Check out their website for more information.

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