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By , July 12, 2012 | iPad
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Don’t have super powers but wished you could still save the day? Here’s one app for the iPad that lets you rescue lives and eliminate terrorists. Developed by a German company, Emergency lets you manage rescue missions for 13 different scenarios like a plane crash and even a meteor disaster.

Gameplay wise is a bit restricted in what you can do as you need to do things in a sequence. For instance in a train accident scenario, you’ll first need to first treat the train driver, then transport him to the ambulance and then drive him to the hospital. The faster you finish your tasks, the more points you get. You get to command up to 18 different rescue units like the fire truck and rescue helicopter. Looks like a decent game with decent graphics but a bit pricey selling at $3.99. Check out how the game plays from the video below:-

Price: $3.99
Category: Games
App size: 222 MB
Supported: iPad

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