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iMpulse: Tiny Wireless Controller For iPhone/iPad & Android


Are you a hardcore mobile gamer who prefers physical buttons rather than tapping on virtual buttons? There are wireless controllers out there but can be a bit chunky to take around with. Here comes iMpulse, a tiny wireless controller that lets you carry it around with you and it’s small enough to fit your keychain. This Kickstarter project is 4 button NES controller that lets you connect via Bluetooth 2.1 instead of 4.0 to more compatible devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. iMpulse already supports hundreds of games like Temple Run, Pac-Man, Air Attack HD and others. If you’re interested in this device, head on to the Kickstarter page and pledge $30 or more before November 4th 2012. Check out the video demo below:-

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iCade Mobile – Handheld Game Controller for iPhone


If you’re one of those who prefer old style gaming systems like the PSP where you have buttons and a d-pad, then check out this new gaming system called the iCade Mobile. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it came from the same guys that made the iCade iPad cabinet dock.

The iCade Mobile will fit any iPhone 3G and above all the way to the latest iPhone 4S as well as iPod Touch(3rd & 4th Gen). It communicates with your iPhone and iPod Touch via Bluetooth and can be supported for both landscape and portrait mode. It runs on 2 AA batteries and can support over 100 games in the App Store. Just search for iCade. Currently selling for $69.99, you can find more info from here. Check out how it works below:-

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Moshi iGlaze Versacover For iPad


How about a Smart Cover that lets you fold it in multiple combinations like origami. Moshi just announced a new product at CTIA 2012 called the iGlaze Versacover which fit both the new iPad and iPad 2. The microfiber cover lets you fold it multiple ways where it can support both landscape and portrait mode. It also has built-in magnet that keeps the cover closed and triggers the auto-wake for the iPad. Think of it as a Smart Cover that not only gotten smarter but with more fun as well. It’s not out yet but expected to be available in June 2012 for $60. Check out the hands-on video by SlashGear.

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iBGStar – Measure Sugar Level With Your iPhone


If you’re a diabetic or just someone who wants to keep their sugar level in check, then this new device called the iBGStar would be something that would appeal to you. It’s a ultra portable FDC-approved device that lets you connect to your iPhone via the 30-pin connector. You will then need to download iBGStar Diabetes Manager app which is free from the App Store where it takes blood sugar readings from the test strips that is inserted into the device. The app will sync the data automatically but you can also manually add your own blood glucose reading, your carbs, and insulin doses to your scorecard. After that, you can view a graph plotting your glucose readings and also check statistics like your average glucose results for a period of 7, 14, 30 or 90 days or a customized date range.

The iBGStar device is available for $74.99 and can be purchased from Diabetic Care Services & Pharmacy and also Walgreens. Test strips are sold separately where you can get 100 test strips for $20 but needs enrollment with Star Savings program or just get 50 strips for $64.99.

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Ion iCade Core – Compact Arcade For Your iPad


The original iCade cabinet arcade dock for the iPad has been refreshed with a more compact version called the iCade Core. Functionally identical to the original one, this one lets you play games on your lap. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPad and it can fit both the iPad and iPad 2. It should fit the new iPad as well. The drawback though is that it doesn’t look as cool as the arcade cabinet version.

Hold on to your wallets though, the iCade Core is not out yet but Ion announced that it will be first shipped to UK in mid-June for £49.99 ($81). Check out their site for more info.

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Griffin WindowSeat 3 HandsFree Mounting Cradle For Your Smartphone


The Griffin’s WindowSeat 3 Handsfree is the latest generation for its mounting cradle accessory that will fit most smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry and HTC. WindowSeat allows you to mount your smartphone on the car’s windshield, window, or dashboard. It comes with a 3-point bracket with rubber cushion grips that will fit most protective cases.

It includes an auxiliary audio cable that connects to your car stereo’s Aux-in jack and also has a built-in microphone for those handsfree phone calls and even talking with Siri or the new S Voice on Samsung Galaxy S III. The WindowSeat 3 Handsfree is available for purchase from the Griffin Store for $39.99.

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Retro 8-Bit Bumper & Sleeve For Your iOS Device


Here’s some really cool looking retro styled accessories for your iPhone and iPad if you’re bored with the same typical stuff everyone is having. Big Big Pixel has come out with an 8-Bit Bumper case that will fit the iPhone 4 / 4S and also the 8-Bit Sleeve for the iPad. The 8-bit bumper is made from rubber silicon that has an anti friction coating so that you can slide it in and out of your pocket with ease.

The 8-bit sleeve on the other hand, is going to be an attention grabber. It looks like a huge email icon from far. This big 8-bit envelope is made from premium synthetic leather with matte finishing and soft fibre interior to give your iPad ample protection. The 8-bit bumper is selling for $24.95 while the sleeve is going for $30.95 which includes worldwide shipping. Are you ready to impress your friends?

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Day Maker – Toast Your iPhone


How about some freshly toasted iPhone when you wake up in the morning? Introducing the Day Maker, a toaster inspired recharging dock and also functions as an alarm clock. This cool gadget can house 2 iPhone 4/4S with a self setting clock. To use it, you set the alarm on your iPhone and then push it down the unit which will also charge the phone. When the alarm rings, it will pop out but if you’re not ready to wake up yet just shove it back in and it’ll go to snooze mode. You can even play music from your iTunes using the Day Maker’s speaker.

Currently listed on Kickstarter with a targeted $275,000 funding goal. Early birds can get one of the Day Maker for $100 if funding is successful by June 23rd 2012. If it goes through, expect delivery to be around February 2013 as they are interested in making it iPhone 5 compliant as well. Waking up couldn’t be any tastier.

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