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CNNGo Now Available For Android


If you’re someone who loves to travel abroad, then you will like this app. Initially available for Nokia and iOS users, CNNGo is now available for Android users for free which you can download from Google Play. The app gives you the latest local info, news coverage, travel info, photo galleries and lots more which is a bit more focused to Asian countries. You can even submit your own reports via iReport where you can either create an account for or just post as a guest. You can also set a specific region to be your default location on the app’s homescreen if you happen to be in that country and want more localised news. Each featured story is supplemented with comprehensive details and relavant photos to provide you more insight about the destination.

With plenty of exclusive content, region specific news and photos, it’s a great tool to have when you are abroad. CNNGo is free for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Download CNNGo for Android

Download CNNGo for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet & iPad Grilled To Well Done


There’s a new series called “Can You Grill It?” by PorkBarrelBBQ where you get to see popular consumer products being flame tested for God knows why. This week, we have the Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet 10.1 being grilled for 3 minutes in scorching 500 degrees and turns out pretty unedible. The guys gave the Samsung tablet a 2/5 star flame rating. They did a similar test a week back with the new iPad and it turned out better cooked with a 5/5 star rating. If you’re a sensitive gadget loving person, stay away from these insane videos.

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The Avengers Super Hero AR App


The Avengers movie which will be out on May 4th is gaining a lot of publicity and Marvel has partnered with Walmart to let you play your favorite super hero via this augmented reality app for both the iOS and Android platform. The app called Super Hero Augmented Reality, you get to play any one of six super heroes where Hawkeye lets you fight bad guys anywhere. To play the other heroes, you will need to visit your local Walmart store and point your phone to the QR Code on the Avengers placards which is placed around the store. You can take pictures with a life-size version of the hero and share it via Facebook. Too bad it’s only available at Walmart. You can download the free app from both iTunes and Google Play.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Teaser Shows Some Clues

Here’s another teaser video from Samsung giving some hints(vaguely) about the most anticipated phone this year which is the Samsung Galaxy S III. At the same time, it couldn’t resist taking a jab at iPhone users showing them as sheep in the video. There’s a few clues from the video that seem to indicate that there could be a new 1.4GHz quadcore processor, a new Super AMOLED Plus display technology, or could there even be the new rumored eye-tracking technology. Nothing’s for sure, guess we will have to wait till May 3rd for the official launch.

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Elephant Plays With The Samsung Galaxy Note


First, we have some animals loving the iPad. Now, Samsung who has just shipped 5 million units of its 5.3″ Galaxy Note worldwide shows that the wildlife love their devices as well. Here we have Peter the elephant playing around with the hugely successful phoneblet. You might think it’s fake when it’s just showing its trunk but Samsung made sure the camera is panned so that you see it’s actually real! Check out the videos showing him drawing around with a stylus pen, playing some drums and also the piano:-

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Angry Birds Space Is Out For Android & iOS


The long awaited sequel to Angry Birds called Angry Birds Space is finally out for the Android, iOS, PC and Mac. The Android version seems to be the only one free for now. At first look, the core gameplay of catapulting birds at the nasty pigs remain the same except now you have to think of gravitational fields. The first few levels had me shooting the bird halfway through the globe. It comes initially with 60 levels plus new superpowers, trick shots, and zero-gravity adventures. Download links, screenshots, and intro video all after the jump!


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AppTag: Laser Blaster Gun For iPhone & Android


There’s plenty of shooting games around for the iPhone and Android but it’ll be cooler if you could play the games with a toy gun instead. All this could be a reality thanks to a Kickstarter project called the AppTag. The AppTag Laser Blaster is a toy gun that lets you play first person shooter games with your smartphones. The gun lets you clamp your iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices to it where it will run the Augmented Reality apps designed for it. For the targeting, it uses infrared beam and sensor that is safe for use. The AppTag communicates with the iPhone and Android via high frequency sound. That means it does not require WiFi or Bluetooth setup.

The gun itself comes wtih 6 buttons:-

1. A pressure sensitive trigger switch that can mount on any blaster trigger or the included pistol grip.
2. A large reload button.
3. 4 buttons that allow app developers to expand on gameplay, such as walky talky, change weapons, sniper zoom, pickup weapons, medkits, change menu etc.

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iCade 8-Bitty: Retro Wireless Controller for Mobile Gaming


The makers of the popular iCade iPad cabinet dock has revealed another new device for the iOS and Android called the iCade 8-Bitty. It is a classic retro-styled game controller that is wireless and uses 2 x AAA batteries. The iCade 8-Bitty connects to your iPhone, iPad and Android via Bluetooth and will integrate seamlessly with all existing games with iCade support. In case you’re wondering what type of games you can play with it, you can check out the list at ThinkGeek and it also supports the app Atari’s Greatest Hits which is available at both the App Store and Android Market. There’s a bunch of complaints about the app though, so do check if it’s rectified before buying it.

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