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Helo TC Assault Helicopter: Control and Shoot Missiles With Your Mobile


Griffin initially wowed us with the original Helo TC helicopter and they have now come out with a nice sequel called the Helo TC Assault helicopter. Featuring the same things from the previous copter like the infrared Flight Deck that is attached to your iOS and Android device and controlled via the free Helo TC app. This version however has one nasty addition, the ability to shoot and annoy your peers with six plastic missiles. Are you ready to wage war with this aggressive Apache-inspired helicopter. Check out the video of one boss who unleashed mayhem on his employees below.

The Helo TC Assault helicopter retails for $59.98 and is available at Amazon.

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Fibble – Ball Rolling Puzzle Game For iOS


Fibble is a physics ball-rolling game that’s released for both the iPhone and iPad. The story begins with space explorer Fibble and his friends who crash landed in a house. They are separated from each other as they explore the mysterious house. There are 30 levels in 4 rooms for Fibble to roll about. The game plays like a mini golf course where you need to launch Fibble in the right direction to collect as many coins before reaching the end in a cup. The 3D graphics look good but the whole experience can be quite short with the 30 levels being relatively easy. Gameplay is enjoyable and should be a hit with the kids.

Fibble is available for the iPhone for $1.99 and iPad for $4.99. Check out the trailer:-

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Paper by FiftyThree – Drawing App For iPad


There’s a lot of buzz with this latest sketch and draw app called Paper by FiftyThree. When you first launch it, you’ll be greeted with some nice looking set of books that you can flip through quickly. The first book called Making Paper has some nice default drawings. When you start on an empty page, the interface is pretty simple and you see some drawing tools and your usual color palette.

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Guy Throws iPad 2 Out Of Window


You must be wondering if this guy is mad for throwing his iPad 2 out of his 2 storey apartment not once but twice. He’s actually just testing the latest iPad case called the OtterBox Defender Series which is a new product that fits the new iPad and iPad 2. See him throw it out of his window once that landed on the grass and the 2nd throw that landed on concrete. Seems like it came out unscathed though I was a bit worried for the concrete throw.

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Ow My Balls! XL Out For iPad


The original hit iPhone game called Ow My Balls! has now been remastered and released for the iPad. If you’ve not heard of this peculiar game, the title says it all. You need to kick this poor guy off a building and have his crotch hit as many objects as you can. Silly, yes but can be sinfully addictive as well.

Ow My Balls! XL is now optimized for retina display and you get to ignite fart jetpacks to gain altitude and hit the most targets. The graphics sucks really, but that’s also the reason why it looks funny. Currently free for download if you’re feeling mean.

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Elephant Plays With The Samsung Galaxy Note


First, we have some animals loving the iPad. Now, Samsung who has just shipped 5 million units of its 5.3″ Galaxy Note worldwide shows that the wildlife love their devices as well. Here we have Peter the elephant playing around with the hugely successful phoneblet. You might think it’s fake when it’s just showing its trunk but Samsung made sure the camera is panned so that you see it’s actually real! Check out the videos showing him drawing around with a stylus pen, playing some drums and also the piano:-

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iPhone: Run For Your Life With Zombies, Run


The zombie theme seems to be coming back and I’ve just finished watching the finale of The Walking Dead season 2. If you’re like me itching for more zombie action while waiting for season 3 then why not get into the zombie world with this iPhone app called Zombies, Run. It’s a pretty unique app that started off from a Kickstarter project and it actually requires you to evade zombies by running physically. The whole purpose of the app is to get people outdoors and running with a bit of fun elements to keep you motivated.

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VIDEO: Siri vs Garmin


This is another funny video titled The Booty Call poking fun at Apple’s Siri. This time we have Ethan getting a call from his crush in the middle of the night for only God knows why and he needs to be at her house in 20 minutes. He asks Siri for directions only to find it giving him confusing alternative routes when he’s stuck at traffic. He then decides to turn to his old trusty Garmin GPS and that’s when all hell breaks lose. Check out the funny video by Sketchy which is a weekly short comedy video series.

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