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Amazon’s Android App Store Now Open To Developers


Amazon has launched its own Android app store head-on against Google’s very own Android Market. The developer portal can be found at

Currently for the Android Market, any app no matter it’s another Angry Bird winner or some junk app gets accepted easily into the Market. Amazon will have a more stringent gatekeeping process like Apple and filter through the apps. Another different thing is that Amazon’s App Store does not allow you as a developer to set the price of your app. Amazon will set the price based on some market factors and developers will get 70% of the share.

This seems to fragment the marketplace for Android even further and eroding Google’s profit. So how does Google feels about it? They seem pretty happy and continues to advocate the openness of its platform which is taking the smartphone world by storm.

[via: TechCrunch]

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview

Google has released a Youtube preview video of the upcoming Android 3.0 OS. From the video, we can see that it’s catered and built for the tablet in mind. Some of the features highlighted:-

  • Optimized for Android tablets
  • Video chat via Google Talk
  • Enhanced Youtube experience
  • 3D Google Maps

Looks like Android is inching closer in giving consumers an Apple iOS-like experience.

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New Android Market Currently Being Rolled Out

Google is currently rolling out the new Android Market and may take a few weeks for completion. The roll out will be affecting all devices running Android version 1.6 and above. So what’s new with the latest Android Market?

  • New better UI and animation like carousels at the top
  • Installing an app is now a more pleasant experience
  • Any app refund has been reduced to 15 minutes (bad for consumers, good for developers)

Check out the video from Android Central where they managed to test run it.

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Tools For Developing Mobile Apps Without Coding

Here are some tools which I found for people who wants to develop mobile apps without actually needing to code or learn up any programming language.

#1. App Inventor

App Inventor was released for users to create Android apps easily without having to actually know programming. App Inventor has a WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get) editor allowing users to add controls, media, animations and more to the Android apps. Currently in Beta, those who applied for the invite could already start developing apps and testing it now. I’ve tested it and you could actually develop the whole app in your browser and when done, directly port it to your android phone or download the runtime to your desktop to test it. You can head on to to give it a try.

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30+ Free Android Menu Icons For Developers

If you’re looking for some free menu icons for your Android app, then head on to to download 30 png menu icons with source files provided for further cutsomization. There’s also another additional 8 free monster icons to be downloaded. All icons are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Feel free to use them in any form in your projects or even remix them.

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iOS vs Android, Developers Slowly Converging


Up till now, nobody really knows how many registered developers there are for both the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Market. AppStore HQ decided to dig in deep and came up with the following result:-

  • 43,185, or 80 percent, develop solely for Apple’s iOS.
  • 8,787, or 17 percent, develop solely for Google’s Android platform.
  • 1,412, or 3 percent, develop for both.

Also interestingly enough, a  mobile developer survey shows that developers don’t really care which platform triumphs but which platform actually makes more money for them. Many of the big players for the iPhone market are already developing for both platforms and this is going to increase if Android’s momentum isn’t stopping any time soon.

[via: Engadget]
[source:  AppStore HQ]

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