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Amazon’s Android App Store Now Open To Developers


Amazon has launched its own Android app store head-on against Google’s very own Android Market. The developer portal can be found at

Currently for the Android Market, any app no matter it’s another Angry Bird winner or some junk app gets accepted easily into the Market. Amazon will have a more stringent gatekeeping process like Apple and filter through the apps. Another different thing is that Amazon’s App Store does not allow you as a developer to set the price of your app. Amazon will set the price based on some market factors and developers will get 70% of the share.

This seems to fragment the marketplace for Android even further and eroding Google’s profit. So how does Google feels about it? They seem pretty happy and continues to advocate the openness of its platform which is taking the smartphone world by storm.

[via: TechCrunch]

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Open App Store Alternative?

I came across this company while attending Open Web Asia 2010 and I was actually surprised that they managed to get hold of such a domain name. This seems to be a new company based in Singapore and they are introducing a concept they call The Cross-Platform App Wholesale Marketplace.

According to them, they are not actually an App Store but provide facilities such as payment processing, marketing, downloads, etc for the product owners (app developers). There is no setup fees or monthly fees but only charges 5% of the app download price and 95% of the profit goes back to the developer.

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