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Download The Wider Image For iPad


Reuters which is the world’s largest news agency has decided to give you “unprecedented photography experience” with this new app called The Wider Image for the iPad. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s what this app gives you. You get some of the best photographs with stories from the photographer’s point of view which is updated daily. Discover events from places you care about that lets you interact with image sequences, read expanded facts and even hear words and sounds. Check out the demo of this free iPad app.

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Sumo.Fm – Drawing App For iPad

Here’s a new drawing app that’s worth looking for the iPad. Developed by Sumo.Fm, an online gallery where users share images or use the web-based tool that looks very similar to Photoshop. While the online app seems to have many features, the iPad app is a simpler version with all the basic drawing features needed with some extra special effects.

The app is simple to use where you get the typical eraser, undo, redo and a full color palette. What’s cool is that there’s a bunch of presets that’ll let you quickly start your masterpiece. The presets include different painting tools and some effects like marker, thin air brush, oriental ink, grass field, plastic symmetry, etc. Upon choosing the presets, you can still customize the brush settings like angle, size, spacing, etc. There’s even transparency setting for the tools. Once you’re done with your drawing, you can save it to your photo album or upload it to Sumo.Fm, Facebook, Twitter or email.

I must say it was fun drawing and testing out the effects though limited. Sumo.Fm is great if you’re looking for a simple app that’s capable of generating beautiful art with some cool effects. Check out the demo below:-

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Download Glaze For iPhone & iPad


There’s many photo apps that offer filters that add painting effects to your photos but the latest app called Glaze for the iOS is worth a look. It turns your ordinary photos to Da Vinci work of art. The interface is simple and gets straight to the point where you just tap the different filters available and wait a few seconds for it to generate the effect. The filters come with some visual suggestion that best fits your photo like a portrait, colourful scenery, sunsets, etc. You can add multiple effects to the same photo where you can save your own custom styles and share it on Twitter, Facebook or through email. One drawback though is the image saved is a 2048 x 1536(3 Megapixels) resolution which is probably not enough for big prints. The developers have assured that they are working on supporting higher resolutions in future updates. This is a universal app that supports both iPhone and iPad. Check out how the app works below:-

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Download Simpsons Comics For iPhone & iPad


Here’s a new app for The Simpsons fans that’s just released for the iOS platform. This comic app by comiXology is free to download along with some selection of digital versions of both recent and classic titles for a limited time. New comics will be released for in-app purchase every week. Among some of the titles include Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, Radioactive Man, Bartman, Simpsons Super Spectacular, etc. Currenty this app seems to be only available in the US. A good move for people to collect comics digitally just like the printed ones.

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Download The Expendables 2 Infinite Trailer For iPhone & iPad


The Expendables 2 is coming out on August 17th with so many spectacular action movie stars from the past that makes it a highly explosive must-see movie. To further promote the movie, The Expendables 2 Infinite Trailer app is released for the iPhone & iPad. Apart from letting you watch the trailer of the movie, you can join in to be part of the star studded cast. The app lets you record a 5-second video clip and add in some special effects to it like a grenade explosion, RPG strike, airstrike, shatter and splatter. It’s pretty similar with another app called Action Movie FX. After that, you can see it being added to the trailer with your name and your 5-second video along with the actual stars. It seems like an infinite trailer where you also see footages of other users who shared their video. You can also share the video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email. Are you going to watch the movie?

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The Avengers Super Hero AR App


The Avengers movie which will be out on May 4th is gaining a lot of publicity and Marvel has partnered with Walmart to let you play your favorite super hero via this augmented reality app for both the iOS and Android platform. The app called Super Hero Augmented Reality, you get to play any one of six super heroes where Hawkeye lets you fight bad guys anywhere. To play the other heroes, you will need to visit your local Walmart store and point your phone to the QR Code on the Avengers placards which is placed around the store. You can take pictures with a life-size version of the hero and share it via Facebook. Too bad it’s only available at Walmart. You can download the free app from both iTunes and Google Play.

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iDraw 1.2 For iPad Gets Major Update

iDraw-1.2-For-iPad-Gets-Major-Update-badgeiDraw is one of the popular vector illustration app for the iPad, sort of the iOS version of Adobe Illustrator. Not so much of a sketching app but it caters more for graphic artists and digital artists. If you’re not sure what’s vector, it’s a graphic format that is easier to work with because they are not dependent on a certain resolution and you can increase the image size without distorting the image. iDraw just received a major revamp with version 1.2 with new user interface and a bunch of new tools. Here are some of the new and updated features as listed on iTunes:-

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Photoshop Touch Apps for Color Mixing and Painting on your iPad

If you’ve not heard of Photoshop Touch, it’s basically a trio of apps for the iPad to complement and enhance the desktop Photoshop CS5. Do take note that the apps will not work with earlier versions of Photoshop like CS4 and CS3. The 3 iPad apps lets you do color mixing, painting and easy access to your Photoshop files while being away from your desk.


app 1: Adobe® Color Lava for Photoshop®

Color Lava is a virtual mixing palette where you can use your fingertips to mix colors and create custom swatches and five-swatch color themes. Once you’re happy with your swatches, you can transfer it to your desktop via network connection.


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