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Sumo.Fm – Drawing App For iPad

Here’s a new drawing app that’s worth looking for the iPad. Developed by Sumo.Fm, an online gallery where users share images or use the web-based tool that looks very similar to Photoshop. While the online app seems to have many features, the iPad app is a simpler version with all the basic drawing features needed with some extra special effects.

The app is simple to use where you get the typical eraser, undo, redo and a full color palette. What’s cool is that there’s a bunch of presets that’ll let you quickly start your masterpiece. The presets include different painting tools and some effects like marker, thin air brush, oriental ink, grass field, plastic symmetry, etc. Upon choosing the presets, you can still customize the brush settings like angle, size, spacing, etc. There’s even transparency setting for the tools. Once you’re done with your drawing, you can save it to your photo album or upload it to Sumo.Fm, Facebook, Twitter or email.

I must say it was fun drawing and testing out the effects though limited. Sumo.Fm is great if you’re looking for a simple app that’s capable of generating beautiful art with some cool effects. Check out the demo below:-

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Paper by FiftyThree – Drawing App For iPad


There’s a lot of buzz with this latest sketch and draw app called Paper by FiftyThree. When you first launch it, you’ll be greeted with some nice looking set of books that you can flip through quickly. The first book called Making Paper has some nice default drawings. When you start on an empty page, the interface is pretty simple and you see some drawing tools and your usual color palette.

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Inspire – Paint, Draw & Sketch Free For The iPhone

inspire-paint-draw-sketch-app-iphoneThis paint, draw and sketch iPhone app from KiwiPixel is the free or lite version of the popular art app Inspire. It’s now finally available free for download from the App Store. This slimmed down version contains all the best features from its bigger brother and gives art enthusiasts a chance to test it out.

There’s up to 3 different brushes for you to choose from:- a flat brush, round brush and fan brush. The size of the brush can be controlled as well as the rotation angle. The pressure of the brush can also be set and it comes with an awesome color palette where you can paint and form new color variations. There’s a dry brush which you can use to create nice smudge effects.

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Skitch: Annotation App for the iPad


The App Store has a new handy entrant called Skitch which is an annotation and mark-up software adapted from the Mac version. This app by Evernote is available for both the iPad and the Android as well. Skitch lets you get your point clearly across and like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s see what else you can do with this app.


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8 Sketch and Drawing Apps For Android

Artists and designers on the go would find some of these apps useful for their Android phones and some even optimized for the Honeycomb tablets. Here are some of the best Android sketching and drawing apps for the designers and creative types. If you are looking for a bit more precision you can also get these stylus which will also work on your Android device.


app 1: Paint Joy

Let’s get this ball rolling. The first app we will be looking at is called Paint Joy which is made by Bejoy Mobile. As you can see below Paint Joy is targeted more as a casual app. It’s not something I’m gonna pull out at an art show and show my new masterpiece. However it’s still a fun app to waste some time with. The interface is quite simple to use, I applaud the developers for this. It features 6 simple buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Simplicity was the mission for this app, and I think the developers succeeded in doing just that. The neon like brushes make any simple sketch pop out at you. There’s no call to be an amazing artist here, however I feel like with the right mindset one could achieve some amazing artwork.


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iPad Writing App: Bamboo Paper

ipad-writing-app-bamboo-paper-badgeJust stumbled upon a limited-time free iPad app and decided to try it out. Wacom released a sketchbook/writing app for the iPad called the Bamboo Paper. I must say sketching and writing on it is a very smooth experience. The current version which I’ve tested only allows for a single notepad, but it has a library function which is probably catering for multiple notepads in the future.

Features are pretty standard where you can choose blank or lined pages together with different ink thickness and colors. You can also email your notepad as a pdf and can also print it out over wifi. One thing I found a bit hard to use is the zooming and panning feature which feels a bit sluggish. You pinch it to zoom in and out and pan the page with 2 fingers. Sometimes I just end up messing it up with extra strokes but there’s a handy eraser to erase it and also an undo function.

Overall it’s a cool app which feels nicer to write on with an iPad stylus and it’s also free till end of June. So go check it out.

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iDraw 1.2 For iPad Gets Major Update

iDraw-1.2-For-iPad-Gets-Major-Update-badgeiDraw is one of the popular vector illustration app for the iPad, sort of the iOS version of Adobe Illustrator. Not so much of a sketching app but it caters more for graphic artists and digital artists. If you’re not sure what’s vector, it’s a graphic format that is easier to work with because they are not dependent on a certain resolution and you can increase the image size without distorting the image. iDraw just received a major revamp with version 1.2 with new user interface and a bunch of new tools. Here are some of the new and updated features as listed on iTunes:-

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iPad App of the Day: ArtStudio


ArtStudio for iPad is one of the many sketching apps out there which does the job well. The app provides a huge range of options from choosing your canvas size to the type of brushes to use. You have 30 brushes to choose from along with other tools like eraser, smudge tool, bucket fill, etc. If you’re familiar with Photoshop, then you’ll love the fact that it has layers and up to 6 layers to be exact. If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the 17 drawing lessons which will guide you to your first masterpiece.

This is a great app for both artists and non-artists alike. If you’re looking for a better drawing experience, you can also check out some of the stylus for iPad out there.

Check out the video review of the app below:-

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