iOS vs Android, Developers Slowly Converging

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Up till now, nobody really knows how many registered developers there are for both the Apple’s App Store and Android’s Market. AppStore HQ decided to dig in deep and came up with the following result:-

  • 43,185, or 80 percent, develop solely for Apple’s iOS.
  • 8,787, or 17 percent, develop solely for Google’s Android platform.
  • 1,412, or 3 percent, develop for both.

Also interestingly enough, a  mobile developer survey shows that developers don’t really care which platform triumphs but which platform actually makes more money for them. Many of the big players for the iPhone market are already developing for both platforms and this is going to increase if Android’s momentum isn’t stopping any time soon.

[via: Engadget]
[source:  AppStore HQ]

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