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If you’re a lady and you’re unsure of which of the tens of thousands of mobile apps specially for women available in the app store to download, then these videos are for you. Produced by,  it showcases the very-best apps review, on all platforms – there’s something for Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Android customers.

Check out the first 12 videos released:-

Episode 1 apps: Ovi Maps (Nokia), Sit or Squat (Blackberry/iPhone) and TouchNote (iPhone)

Episode 2 apps: OpenTable (iPhone/Nokia/BB/Android), Pair It! (iPhone/Android) and Epicurious (iPhone/Android)

Episode 3 apps: Qype for Ovi Maps (Nokia), Talking Phrasebooks (iPhone/Nokia) and Tube Pro (iPhone)

Episode 4 apps: Go Shop (Nokia/iPhone), Touch Closet (iPhone) and Ask A Stylist (iPhone)

Episode 5 apps: Fish School (iPhone), Qik (Nokia) and the new Google Image Search (Android/iPhone/Palm)

Episode 6 apps: Amazon Mobile (iPhone/Android/BB), Ocado on the go (iPhone/Android) and the brand new Tesco Grocery (Nokia)

Episode 7 apps: C25K (iPhone), Sports Tracker Nokia)

Episode 8 apps: Quickoffice Suite, Remember the Milk, Evernote

Episode 9 apps: Shazam, Gig Finder

Episode 10 apps: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, X-Factor App

Episode 11 apps: Evening Standard, Cycle Hire, Street Museum

Episode 12 apps: TweetDeck, Twitter with Gravity

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