iPhone: Best Free Document Reader Apps

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iBooks is supposed to be the main e-book reader with the launch of iOS 4 but what if I want to just read a book in pdf format or some Office document that I have in my computer. Here’s a list of my favourite best free document reader that can not only read pdf, but also view Microsoft Office documents, images, text files, html, audio and video files. It’s great that you can just transfer the files over wirelessly by just accessing the app panel through your PC/MAC browser by just going to something like and just upload the file.

You might also be interested in some PDF readers for the iPad.


app 1: FileApp

A pretty basic and useful app which does just the job of opening most of the documents I throw at it.


app 2: PDF Reader Lite

A real nice experience for this reader as the scrolling and pinching is really smooth and fast. This app can also handle large pdf documents without any performance glitch. Highly recommended.


app 3: Good Reader Lite

What I like about this app is the PDF Reflow feature which helps if you find pdf documents a bit too small to read on the tiny screen and you keep having to scroll it left and right to see the whole sentence. This removes all images and reformat everything to fit the screen nicely with just pure text. I would’ve loved if they could identify the headers or titles and made them bold or larger in size in the Reflow mode. Also has feature to turn on day/night mode that you feel comfortable reading with. Another highly recommended app.


app 4: Documents 2 Free

Another free document viewer which has a built-in text editing, basic paint tool, csv spreadsheet editing, Google Sync and direct email of documents.

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  1. Thanks for this great info. I especially love PDF reader LIte.The scrolling and pinching is really smooth and fast just you mentioned. And now I make a purchase to download PDF Reader – (File Viewer, File Storage) which is good. Help me a lot.

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