Adobe Air For Android To Be Launched End Of The Year

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Adobe has confirmed that Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) will be released for the Google Android mobile platform by end of the year. Some private beta developers have already mentioned in their blogs how easy it is to code and deploy an AIR application on the Android. Here are some of the quotes:-

“It literally took me 10 minutes to compile for Android, and get the game on my new Nexus One phone”
-Alan Queen

“Performance-wise, AIR for Android is fast. With barely any work on my part, I got my three existing mobile games running in AIR for Android.”
-Josh Tynjala

“Well with no code changes, about 2 hours to have the graphics tweaked (thanks to @pneal), I was able to port Happy Peg over to Android.”
-Matthew Keefe

“My Nexus One arrived yesterday (FedEx Saturday delivery FTW) about 4pm, and I had Fruit Smash Organic ported to the device and running beautifully by 7pm! That includes downloading and installing the SDKs, walking through a Hello World tutorial, charging the device for a little while, and making some minor code edits.”
-Jobe Makar

This is great news for Flash Developers who want to write a single app and port it to multiple devices with the exception of Apple iPhone of course. According to Adobe execs, it is estimated that more than half of all smartphones will support Flash by 2012.

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