HOW TO: Make Your Web Applications Look Like Native Apps

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With more and more smartphones being sold than ever before, we find developers creating more mobile optimized sites and apps. Native applications have been the rock-pillar for smartphones but the problem with it is that you have to code specifically for the targeted platform using their own language i.e. Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. That makes creating a web app behaving like a native app that can run on any devices very appealing. One of the solution to the problem is by using HTML5. Coding something from the ground-up to make your web app look like a native app is going to be tedious. That’s where a framework is normally used nowadays and Sencha Touch is one of them.

Touted as the first html5 mobile framework, it allows you to develop web apps that look and feel native on Apple iOS and Google Android touchscreen devices. Sencha Touch combines a resolution-independent UI library, touch event management, support for geolocation and offline access, and special CSS and CSS3 capabilities.

You can check out one of their Touch Solitaire game demo on a HTML5 browser but this app is optimized for the iPad.

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