Tools For Developing Mobile Apps Without Coding

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Here are some tools which I found for people who wants to develop mobile apps without actually needing to code or learn up any programming language.

#1. App Inventor

App Inventor was released for users to create Android apps easily without having to actually know programming. App Inventor has a WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get) editor allowing users to add controls, media, animations and more to the Android apps. Currently in Beta, those who applied for the invite could already start developing apps and testing it now. I’ve tested it and you could actually develop the whole app in your browser and when done, directly port it to your android phone or download the runtime to your desktop to test it. You can head on to to give it a try.

#2. Yapper

So we have App Inventor for the Android but what about the iPhone? Introducing Yapper 2.0, an online app development tool for people who might not be as code savvy as they need to be. You could develop mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad devices without writing a single line of code. However this tool can only generate a HTML5 Web App for the mobile and not a native app which can be sold in the App Store. This tool is probably meant for publishers, bloggers, newspapers, video bloggers and pod-casters so that they can create a mobile app without hiring a programmer to do it. Here are some of the features:-

  • Build the app in 4 easy steps using a WYSIWYG tool
  • No coding required use existing RSS feeds (RSS, RSS 2.0, ATOM)
  • Major foreign languages supported
  • Multiple mobile devices support: iPhone, Android and iPad
  • Optimized for mobile user experience: Mobile optimized UI (mobile friendly entire article content with images and videos), Content caching (users can read offline), Fast (no straight RSS feed parsing), Location enabled
  • Customization options for App icon, splash image and tab icons
  • Push notifications for breaking stories and events
  • Monetization and analytics support

#3. SwebApps

This is an online service which lets anyone build their own iPhone apps even if they don’t know how to code. This tool can be used to create native apps and be submitted to the App Store. It offers pre-created templates which you can customize with different backgrounds. Here’s a video on how it works:-

SwebApps 2.0 from Magaly Chocano on Vimeo.


#4. AppMakr

Appmakr is a browser-based platform designed to make creating your own Windows Phone, Android and iOS app quick and easy. It was just unveiled as the first “No Coding Required” mobile application platform that supports various mobile OS. I have yet to try it out but it was mentioned that the platform is free to use. This is definitely something to try out for those who has no experience in programming.

3 Replies to “Tools For Developing Mobile Apps Without Coding”

  1. I would vote for Snappii but unfortunately it’s not included in the list. Though it gives more opportunities than some of the app building services listed here, like functional and at the same time easy interface,smart design, moderate cost,WYSIWYG editor. Besides one can test app before submitting it to Apple on one’s device.

  2. Yeah, Snappii app builder is really cool! Always use it to make my apps, you should include it in the list, this Vlad is absolutely right!

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