iPhone: Google Latitude App To Get Yourself Stalked

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Right, so now we have a trend going on with mobile apps like Facebook Places and Foursquare so that we can get ourselves stalked. Here’s one more addition to that, Google Latitude for the iPhone. This is also available on the Android and the web version at google.com/latitude.

So what does this app do? It allows you to share your location real-time with a thumbnail image of you on Google Maps and similarly see your friends or families who are at a nearby location on the map. Of course, those people need to be using Google Latitude as well.

What about privacy? Not to worry, you can share only city-level location, hide your location, or turn off background updating at any time. Good for meeting up with friends or families or probably help the police find a kidnap victim who happens to have Google Latitude turned on. Bad, if you forgot to turn it off and your wife finds you checking into a motel with your mistress when you’re suppose to get the groceries.

Cost: Free
Category: Social Networking
App size: 2.9 MB
Supported: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad

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