10 Best Memory Matching Games For The iPhone

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Ever had that moment where you needed to do something but forgot what was it? Well, here are some fun iPhone games to test your memory and check if you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Just joking! Actually the cute apps are meant for the young but hey I found some of them challenging and fun too. Check out some of the best memory matching games for the iPhone:-


1. My Memory Lite

Picture memory game where it uses animals for memorizing with 20 cards to remember from. Your kids will enjoy this one.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
Size: 10.5 MB


2. I Say Free

This is a memory game where you memorize the pattern and then repeat it back. With four levels of speed: Slow, Normal, Fast, and Insane. You get a higher score when you follow longer sequences.


Cost: Free
Category: Entertainment
Size: 4.3 MB


3. MonsterMatch

Another memory game meant for children where you need to flip over cards to find a matching pair. Comes in a Halloween theme with cute monster images and spooky sounds.


Cost: Free
Category: Education
Size: 1.7 MB


4. Animal Memory Match Game Free Lite

Another matching game where you can play up to 4 players. Matches are not necessarily only in pairs and can be “three of a kind”, or “four of a kind”.


Cost: Free
Category: Education
Size: 3.3 MB


5. Kids Can Match – Animals

This matching game uses real animal photos and sounds. With 70 different animal images, it also has different levels catering for every young children.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 9 MB


6. Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

Another matching game using very cute animals from the zoo. It’s very intuitive and easy to use with fun sounds that your kid will love.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
Size: 10.9 MB


7. Toy Story 3 Memory Match

Using Toy Story 3 characters, the kids will love this pair matching game. Flip 2 matching cards and it will disappear, but you need to beat the clock!


Cost: Free
Category: Games
Size: 10.3 MB


8. Preschool Memory Match

A very extensive app for preschoolers with over 220 different pairs to match in 5 categories. (Transportation, Musical Instruments, Animals/Bugs, Food, and Objects). Comes with good sound effects and voice recording to help your children learn.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
Size: 91.9 MB


9. Lumina

Play competitive memory battles with up to 5 people with this memory game called Lumina. Watch pattern of flashing colors which you then repeat back by pressing the glass buttons in the same order.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 1.7 MB


10. Memory Game!

Memory Game! lets you play in single player mode or even multiplayer mode where there’s a lot of different themes to choose from so that it does not become so boring. Updated to support Retina display as well.


Cost: Free
Category: Entertainment
Size: 12.1 MB

4 Replies to “10 Best Memory Matching Games For The iPhone”

  1. the sequence memory game called Memoseq
    It has motion and multi touch
    Works perfect and it can be difficult because you can set even random motion for the four balls!

  2. I played one memory game called ‘Memory++” for iPhone and iPad. It has memory graphs also to show how your memory improves. I think it must be one of the above mentioned memory games. You can also try this!!!

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