10 Best Stylus Pen For iPad

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iPad is not only for reading but it can be used as a sketch pad as well. Using your finger to draw on it may not be the best experience. Stylus has been around for some time since the good old Compaq iPaq days but those pens will not work on the iPad as it’s using a capacitive touch-screen. So here is a list of some of the best stylus pen for the iPad which you can use to scribble notes, use as a brush for drawings and others. If you still have not found the stylus you are looking for, then you might want to also check out the best ipad stylus at ipadstylusblog.com.


Pogo Connect

This cool stylus called the Pogo Connect is a Bluetooth pressure-sensitive stylus that gives you hundreds of different pressures. That should give artists much more realistic drawings. It runs on a single AAA battery which is reported to last for months. While this can be used as a standard stylus but the pressure-sensitive feature only works with iPad 3 and above. There’s a number of apps that support it like Paper by FiftyThree and SketchBook Pro.

Price: $79.95 (Ten One Design)




This award winning stylus from Japan is now available in the US. It has a unique nib that is made from special conductive fibers instead of rubber making it very responsive and sensitive to the tablet’s screen.

Price: $39.99 (MetaMoJi)




Pencil-shaped stylus made of aluminum, with a soft rubber nib. Customers have given it a favorable review at Amazon saying it’s the perfect size. AluPen makes drawing and writing a uniquely smooth experience.

Price: $17.50 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 5/5



BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus

Available in 4 colors, this is a durable and solid stylus for the iPad. Customers who have bought this find the design and quality to be very good.

Price: $10.00 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5



iClooly Multi Touch Stylus Pen

This is a 2 in 1 stylus pen made of soft fiber material where it can be used for both capacitive screens including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones. The other is a stylus pen for general use (resistive screen) including PDA and Nintendo DS. The tip to be used for the iPad is in the form of a brush which is probably good if you’re using it for drawings. Not everyone liked this though, some complained that it’s not as responsive and the shape is a bit too thin.

Price: $12.95 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 2.5/5



Griffin Technology Stylus

Another durable and high quality stylus for your iPad. The stylus includes an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop in your iPad case.

Price: $11.14 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5



elago Stylus Pen

Just like the Griffin stylus, it includes an integrated clip that attaches to your pocket or your iPad case.

Price: $9.69 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5



BoxWave Capacitive iPad Styra

If you dislike the idea of switching between your stylus and ink pen, then why not get a combo. You have the risk of losing the cap though.

Price: $17.00 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4/5

BoxWave Capacitive iPad Styra


AYL Slim Capacitive iPad Stylus

Here’s another great looking stylus which comes with a 1 year worry-free warranty. Built quality is sturdy with aluminium construction. Weight is just right and feels nice to hold on most hand sizes. The soft rubber tip quality is a bit lacking though but there’s warranty to cover that.

Price: $6.25 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5

best-stylus-pen-ayl-Slim Capacitive-iPad-Stylus


splash GLIDER Stylus

The splash GLIDER Stylus is a nice looking stylus that comes with both a clip and a headphone jack that you can attach to your device so that you don’t lose it. Stylus is comfortable to hold and accurate where you don’t miss a swipe or stroke with it. Built with a sleek aluminum body, it also comes in 6 different colors:- Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Purple, and Pink.

Price: $9.85 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5


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  1. I think the TruGlide stylus by LYNKtec is definitely one to add to the list! After trying several styluses that just didn’t really cut it, I was happy to come across the TruGlide. It has it’s own unique features that no other stylus has, and really just works the best all around!

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