15+ Sketch and Drawing Apps For iPad

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If you have gotten yourself an iPad stylus, then you need some sketching or drawing apps to make full use of it. Here are some of the best iPad sketching apps for designers, artists and anyone who wants to use the iPad as a sketchbook.


1. Sketches 2

Sketches 2 is a simple sketch app that lets you quickly sketch or draft out your ideas. Comes with predefined cliparts and artistic brushes for you to paint. This app has zooming and panning feature as well if you want to get really detailed sketches. Also comes with maps integration where you can sketch directions on top of it and then share it with your friends.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 8.9 MB


2. Blackboard for iPad

This app turns your iPad into a classroom blackboard. It lets you draw and write with colored chalks and comes with animations and sounds to simulate the real experience. Also lets you insert images which you can then scribble on.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Utilities
Size: 2.6 MB


3. Layers – Pro Edition for iPad

If you liked Photoshop’s layers, then you will love the fact that this app has up to 5 paintable layers. With up to 15 different brushes, you also have other tools like eyedropper tool, smudge tool  and eraser to complete your drawing. You can also email your finished art as layered PSD(Photoshop) file format and continue editing it on your desktop.


Cost: $5.99
Category: Productivity
Size: 6.2 MB


4. iDraw

iDraw is a vector based drawing and sketching app like Adobe Illustrator. It comes with a whole bunch of Brush and Pencil tools as well as canvas paper styles to choose from. You also have multiple layers to create a more complex design. Once you’re done, you can export as SVG, PDF or image files.


Cost: $8.99
Category: Productivity
Size: 3.9 MB


5. PRO Finger Sketch Paint

This is a simple app that lets you draw black and white as well as color sketches effortlessly with your finger. It has some great shading effects to make your art look good.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 0.3 MB


6. SketchBook Pro

Developed by Autodesk, this is a drawing apps for the professional digital artist. Contains a whole loads of settings for brushes like synthetic pressure sensitivity, brush type, etc for creating your next Da Vinci masterpiece.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 12.9 MB


7. Adobe Ideas

This basic app combines the best of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop into one application. It has simple vector-based drawing tools and basic photo editing tools. More features would’ve made this a much better app though.


Cost: $5.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 3.6 MB


8. Zen Brush

This is one cool app that lets you paint or write with an ink brush. It also has the various backgrounds to choose from like japanese paper to make your painting more zen-like. You can also check out the youtube demo on how this app works.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 8.6 MB


9. Draft

Draft is a minimal quick sketch app as it only has a black background and 2 ink colors, white and red. I guess that’s why the app is called Draft. It does the job well for basic storyboarding or for non-designers who wants to quickly elaborate an idea. It’s pretty pricey for such a basic app though.


Cost: $9.99
Category: Productivity
Size: 1.4 MB


10. ArtRage

ArtRage’s prime focus is traditional media and it’s clear from the start when you’re presented options to edit your canvas. You can do pencil sketches before actually using the brushes to paint on top of it. You have choices of pencil, crayon, graphic pens, watercolor and oil brush, airbrush and roller, and lots more.


Cost: $6.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 9.4 MB


11. Brushes – iPad Edition

A basic painting app that does the job but for $7.99, you can get better apps like SketchBook Pro with more features for a cheaper price.


Cost: $7.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 3.9 MB


12. ASKetch

This is a black and white sketching app that uses only pencils. A very simple and intuitive app, it has various settings for your pencil and eraser. Fun to use, even for someone who can’t really draw.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 0.6 MB


13. Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is the latest rage that lets you sketch and draw beautifully even if your drawing skills suck. The free version comes with an eraser and draw brush plus 9 colors to choose from. Additional brushes will need to be purchased separately though.


Cost: Free ($1.99 for each new brush)
Category: Productivity
Size: 27.5 MB


14. Drawing Pad

Create fun looking art with all kinds of tools like crayons, markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, stickers, roller pens and more. You can import photos into the background of your drawing and also choose a large collection of stickers to be applied to your artwork. A great app for both the young and old.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 94.9 MB


15. LiveSketch HD

Draw realistic pencil sketches with this simple app that comes with auto-shading feature that fills in the stroke as you draw. A lot of apps don’t have pressure sensitivity and there’s a clever workaround with LiveSketch where if you draw faster, you make a thin line and if you draw slower, you’ll get a thick line. Comes with a handy eraser as well.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 1.0 MB


16. Draw Something Free

A phenomenal app that took the world by storm and then fizzled out. Anyway, it was a great drawing app that lets you play draw and guess with random people or with your friends whom you can invite via facebook, email or by their username. Limited tools for drawing and additional colors need to be purchased with coins in which you accumulate by getting your drawing guessed correctly. A must have fun drawing game app.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
Size: 14.0 MB

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  1. You forgot Art Studio – the best one of them all! You can save your custom brushes. Lots of layers and Photoshop-like tools.

  2. Some really valuable info that needs to be mentioned is output or export file types and resolution limits. I need to know what I can do with these pictures after I create them.

  3. Gday!Now i’m at work searching your personal website via my own brand new new iphone4! Just need to tell you I really enjoy viewing your own www and also take a look into the future to all your discussions! Carry on your fantastic work!

  4. Check out “draw/redraw” the next time you update the list. Has a very neat way of drawing over strokes to change them, like sketching, plus nice ink and good editing.

  5. I estimate projects on the exterior of buildings. need to find a drawing program for ipad. must draw simple line drawing (plan view)and allow me to draw a combination of lines 90 and 45 degrees with the addition of notations. Want to then copy and paste into container field in filemaker go.

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