6 Easy Tweaks To Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

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This is a guest post by Britney Baker.

The modern Android smartphone is a technological marvel, a true jack of all trades. In the tiny footprint of the average smartphone, manufacturers manage to fit powerful processors, spacious screens, GPS units, accelerometers, dozens of gigabytes of memory, video and still cameras, and even a compass. All of these components require large amounts of energy, and it is no surprise that despite the smartphone’s unrivaled usability and power, battery life is an area that is always in need of improvement. Fortunately, there are many easy tweaks that you can perform to ensure that your Android smartphone is running as efficiently as possible.


Check out which apps and cell phone components are the most power hungry

On your Android device, go to Settings >> About Phone >> Battery Use. What is displayed here allows you to pinpoint the apps and components which are using the most battery so that you can know what to tweak first.


Use automatic screen brightness (Settings >> Sound and Display >> Brightness)

On most Android phones, the screen is the most power hungry component of the phone. Setting the screen brightness to “automatic” will utilize the phone’s light sensor which automatically choses the best brightness to match ambient light levels. For many Android users, this can result in a significant improvement in battery life.


If you have a newer Android device, use WiFi whenever possible (Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Wi-Fi)

Most newer Android headsets have very efficient WiFi modules installed, and many users in the range of a WiFi network for most of the day can experience a battery boost if they set up their phones to utilize WiFi whenever possible instead of their mobile connection.


Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, or 4G modem when not in use

GPS and Bluetooth can eat up huge amounts of battery life, even when not in use. Make sure they’re off when you are finished using them!


Try JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender is a free popular Android app which can save battery life by automatically toggling mobile data connections on/off based on a schedule, scaling down your phone’s processor when the screen is off, and several other optimizations.


Be aware of which apps are automatically syncing information from the internet

Some popular apps, Facebook being a prime example, will automatically sync data on a scheduled basis. These automatic sync schedules can be taxing on your phones battery as it has to constantly turn on/off the 3G, 4G, or WiFi modules to download/send data. Be sure to browse the options of your apps to ensure that automatic syncing is off if you don’t want it.


Britney Baker is a freelance writer who normally reviews prepaid wireless phones at PrepaidCellphones.net. Her latest review looked at the Go Phone.

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