Best iPad Games March 2011

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Here’s another monthly compilation of the best iPad games for this month worth checking out. You’ll be glued to the device and wished I’ve never told you about them.


app 1: The Settlers HD

A game that feels very much like Civilization, this is another turn-based strategy game. You start off by taking over a small settlement and then build it into a thriving society. You’ll be involved in mining resources, building barracks, maintain food supply, etc to keep your population happy, housed and well-equipped. A game that plays well on iPad with regular intervals for saving games and you get to fast-forward time when your settlers are just building and training.


Cost: $6.99
Category: Games
App size: 246 MB


app 2: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD

Chinatown Wars plays like the the original grand daddy Grand Theft Auto with best bits and pieces with added innovations such as touch-based puzzles to solve. The story involves loyalty and revenge  with criminal tasks at one of the deadliest places in America. It looks superb on the iPad and something worth checking out.


Cost: $9.99
Category: Games
App size: 449 MB


app 3: Tilt to Live HD

The objective of Tilt to Live is to tilt the iPad in order to move your ship around the screen, avoiding deadly red dots and picking up power-ups to kill those dots. A simple and fun game to play with 4 game modes and 6 Super Weapons for you to unlock.You can try out the free version before buying too.


Cost: Free ($3.99 for full version)
Category: Games
App size: 18.7 MB

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