iPhone App of the Day: Street Fighter IV (Help Japan)

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iphone-app-of-the-day-street-fighter-iv-badgeCapcom has just announced that they will donate 100 million yen to relief funds from the sales of the iPhone game, Street Fighter IV. On top of that, they have reduced the app price to $0.99 from the original price of $9.99. The special discount will start from March 15th to March 22nd 2011. So we can do our part to help Japan recover from the terrible tragedy that struck them.

If you liked the original arcade Street Fighter series, then you’ll love this iPhone version. The controls will be on-screen with the 8 way controller and 4 punch-punch-kick-kick buttons instead of the usual 6. The combo moves and specials are much more simplified in this version. You’ll get to choose 14 characters and there’s a Dojo class to master your skills. With great graphics and gameplay, this is one of the best fighter games out there for the iPhone.

Check out how this game plays from the video preview by SlideToPlay below:-


Cost: $0.99 (original price $9.99)
Category: Games
App size: 361 MB
Supported: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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