Cosmonaut: The Perfect iPad Stylus?

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There’s already a whole bunch of stylus pen out there for the iPad and tablets in the market but there’s one problem. Most of the styluses are shaped like pens and it does not have much friction like writing with a real pen and paper. It almost feels like you’re gliding across the screen. Studio Neat has decided to solve the problem with The Cosmonaut.

They are currently raising money through Kickstarter where even a minimum contribution of $1 will get yourself a free stylus once it hits production and it being shipped to you worldwide. But of course, you should contribute a fair amount for it including a reasonable shipping fee. The stylus will retail for $25 once it goes into production. There’s still 14 days to go before the project starts kicking. They were seeking for $50,000 but currently, contributions have reached $97,000 which means that this project will proceed. Check out the promo video of the stylus below:-

[iframe 560 340]
The Cosmonaut: A minimal, wide-grip capacitive stylus for touch screens from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

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