Best iPad Wall Mount

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If you’ve downloaded some cooking apps for the iPad, it’ll probably be hard to look at your recipes and cooking steps without having to make a mess out of it or even accidentally dropping it on the floor while cooking. You could also be in the toilet taking a dump and wished that you could read your favorite news at ease without even holding the iPad with your hand. Fret not, there’s some pretty decent wall mounts currently in the market for this purpose. Here are some iPad wall mounts to let you easily check your apps on eye-level and also within arm’s reach.


#1. PadTab iPad Mounting System


This affordable wall mount can be applied to walls, cabinets, refrigerators and most surfaces without the need to drill. That’s a plus since drilling wall tiles can be a headache. It uses industrial strength adhesive to make sure your iPad stays in place and according to PadTab, the adhesive can be easily removed with a hair dryer.

Price: USD$19.99 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4/5
Supported: iPad, iPad 2, Android Tablet


#2. iMount LeGrand – 31″ iPad Wall Mount


Unlike the PadTab, this wall mount comes with a 31 inches articulating arm which has a full 360 degree swivel. If you like to laze around on bed with a floating iPad in front of you, then this wall mount might be what you’re looking for. Check out the video demo on how it works above. Apart from the 31 inches LeGrand version, iMount also has a iMount Petite – 16″ iPad Desk Mount version and a iMount Petite – 17″ iPad Wall Mount version.

Price: USD$239.95 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 3/5
Supported: iPad


#3. The Wallee Ipad Case + Wall Mount


This wall mount is like the PadTab except that it requires drilling holes and using screws to put it in place. The Wallee iPad case is for the first generation iPad but the The Wallee 2 which is coming out this month would be updated for the iPad 2 and will be compatible with other Wallee accessories. It can be rotated for both portrait and landscape easily. If you’re afraid of adhesive type mount like PadTab failing in the long run, then you can rest assured that this will be sturdy and firmly fixed on your wall.

Price: USD$49.95 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 5/5
Supported: iPad


#4. GSI Adjustable Wall Mount for iPad


The GSI adjustable wall mount is an affordable version of the iMount where you can rotate and tilt your iPad 360 degrees in all directions. Mounting bracket is also easily installed on your wall.

Price: USD$35.99 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 5/5
Supported: iPad


#5. Horizon Wall Mount


The guys behind AluPen has come out with a minimal looking iPad wall mount. Unlike other chunky wall mounts, this wall mount called the Horizon only uses one aluminium bar to hold the iPad in place. There’s even a hole at the bottom for your dock connector.

Price: USD$50.00
Supported: iPad and iPad 2

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