PenMoto Magnet Ring for Pen or Stylus

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This is not another iPad stylus but rather it’s an accessory for your stylus or pen that will make it much more useful. There’s 2 parts to this accessory called PenMoto where the first item is a magnetic ring that can be used for both right and left-handed index finger. The second item is a smaller magnetic ring called the coupler which is attached to the stylus or pen. So what’s this for, you may ask. Basically, if you’re a very busy person and dislike putting down the pen to answer the phone or the hassle of swapping between your stylus or pen. The magnetic ring allows the pen to stick to your finger allowing you to write and you are able to flip it 180º to use another function of the pen or you could just push it aside freeing your hand for other things.

While the flex-split ring will fit most fingers, the coupler currently only fits a capacitive stylus, a Pilot G2 pen or a Wacom Intuos4 tablet stylus. It would be great if it could fit a combo stylus pen like the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Styra where you can use the stylus for your iPad and then flip it to use it as a traditional ink pen for paper.

This accessory is actually a Kickstarter project and they are seeking funds for it. If you’re interested, you can pledge $30 and get the flex-split ring and coupler for one type of pen after the project kicks off. They are seeking $40,000 for the project and have till May 31st to reach the goal. Check out the video demo of this pretty cool kit.

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