Kensington 2nd Generation Virtuoso Stylus and Pen

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This is a stylus pen that will work for both iOS and Android devices. The Kensington Virtuoso is a combo pen that’s very similar to the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Styra. On one side, you’ll get a soft rubber end and the other a traditional ink pen. It’s a slim pen that is about an inch longer than the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus which is really important if you have big hands so that the edge can actually rest on your palm. It’s a high quality pen recommended for those who want to do sketches and drawings on their iPad or Android devices. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for $18.87. Below is a video review of the stylus which I found on Youtube:-


Price: USD$18.87 (Amazon)
Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5/5
Supported: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Motorola Xoom Tablet, Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook

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