Best iPad Games May 2011

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Here’s another monthly compilation of the best iPad games for this month worth checking out. Have fun trying them out!


app 1: Legendary Wars HD

This game has been out for the iPhone for a few months but it’s now available for the iPad. A castle defense game that stands out from the rest with its many gameplay modes. You start with a miner in search of crystals and once you’ve collected enough, you build your defense units to defend against the hordes of  Battle Skullys, Zombies, Wolfys, Vamps, Trolls, Gargoyles and Dragons. If you liked Plants vs Zombies, then you’ll love this one.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
App size: 122 MB


app 2: A Witch’s Curse: Princess Isabella HD

A Witch’s Curse: Princess Isabella HD is a hidden object adventure game that has an interesting storyline, good voice acting and great graphics that makes it stand out from other hidden object games. The game begins with Princess Isabella discovering that an evil curse has been placed on her castle by a mysterious witch. Follow a fairy friend to piece together the clues and puzzles to save your friends and family. With up to 135 locations and 15 mini-games, this game will keep you coming back with good replay value.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Games
App size: 220 MB


app 3: Gears

Gears for iPad is a 3D physics-based ball roller game where you need to guide a ball through obstacles by either tilting the iPad or by swiping with your finger. It comes with 3 unique worlds with 27 levels:- The Brass Menagerie, Rivers of Magma and The Cavern of Omens. Some levels are easy while some can be quite challenging but you’ll get through it once you master your tilting skills. Fans of ball-rolling games should take a look at this one.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
App size: 115 MB

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