Photoshop Touch Apps for Color Mixing and Painting on your iPad

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If you’ve not heard of Photoshop Touch, it’s basically a trio of apps for the iPad to complement and enhance the desktop Photoshop CS5. Do take note that the apps will not work with earlier versions of Photoshop like CS4 and CS3. The 3 iPad apps lets you do color mixing, painting and easy access to your Photoshop files while being away from your desk.


app 1: Adobe® Color Lava for Photoshop®

Color Lava is a virtual mixing palette where you can use your fingertips to mix colors and create custom swatches and five-swatch color themes. Once you’re happy with your swatches, you can transfer it to your desktop via network connection.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Photography
App size: 2.0 MB


app 2: Adobe® Eazel for Photoshop®

Adobe Eazel turns your iPad into a painting canvas where you can use a mixture of wet and dry paints to paint with your fingertips. Once you’re done with your masterpiece, you can save your paintings on the iPad and send them to the desktop Photoshop CS5 once you have network connection.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Photography
App size: 7.1 MB


app 3: Adobe® Nav for Photoshop®

If you find that you lack free space on your computer monitor when working with Photoshop, then this tool will be handy. With a network connection to your computer, it lets you access Photoshop tools and browse and select open Photoshop documents. It lets you choose up to 16 of your most commonly used tools as your default set. You can also use the app to browse,view and zoom up to 200 documents from your desktop. With a tap to any document, it will make it the active document in Photoshop CS5.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Photography
App size: 2.4 MB

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