Best iPad Accessories July 2011

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Here are some new iPad accessories for this month to extend and improve the functionality of your iPad. Check them out:-


#1. Keycase Pro Folio for iPad 2


Keycase Deluxe Folio was one of the top selling keyboard case for the 1st generation iPad but now has released Keycase Pro Folio with Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad 2. This keyboard case comes with hard keys and spots a slimmer profile in a velcro design and internal padding to protect your iPad. It also has features like active pairing where you need to setup the connection once and it’ll automatically connect with the iPad 2 whenever Bluetooth is turned on for both devices. In desk stand mode, your position it to almost any angle to suit your needs and also has the necessary cut outs needed for both front and back camera.

Price: £59.95
Supported: iPad 2
Website: Mobile Fun


#2. modulR iPad 2 Case System


modulR has released an update for their iPad 2 case which is a sleek hardshell case that is contoured to fit comfortably in your hands and lets you attach it to their many different accessories. The core case system can be attached to  accessories like a hand strap, shoulder strap, wall mount, display and typing stand, and car headrest strap. All items are sold separately or it can be purchased in bundle packages like Anywhere Pack or Startup Pack.

Price: $39.99 (iPad 2 Case + Hand Strap)
Supported: iPad 2
Website: modulR


#3. iCade the Arcade Cabinet for iPad


If you miss the old time 6-button arcade box, then you might wanna look at this gadget by ThinkGeek called the iCade. It’s an arcade cabinet dock which supports both the iPad and iPad 2. It connects via bluetooth to the joystick controller but it does not work well as a docking station as it does not charge your iPad while you’re playing it. Games from the App Store are pretty limited at the moment like Atari’s Greatest Hits but this is a gadget that’ll impress your guests.

Price: $99.99 (Amazon)
Supported: iPad & iPad 2
Website: ThinkGeek

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  1. these are some insanely cool ipad accessories..LOVE the arcade cabinet.. have you seen breffo’s spiderpodiumtablet stand… i own a couple and think it rises up too

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