iPad App: Great Backyard Grilling

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ipad-app-great-backyard-grilling-badgeHere comes another recipe app review for the iPad. This time it’s for the barbeque and grilling enthusiasts. This sizzling app is called the Great Backyard Grilling.

The app is fairly simple looking and intuitive to use. When you launch the app, you are greeted with a mouth-watering image of some barbeque dish. The navigation is all at the bottom where you have Recipes, Shopping, Favorites, Menu and Know-How. You have more than 50 recipes to choose from which is categorized into 4 main categories:- beef, pork & lamb, seafood, chicken and vegetables & fruit.

From there, you can choose a recipe and you’ll be brought to a detailed screen with the ingredients needed on the left panel and the step-by-step instructions on the right. There’s even a handy timer to remind you so that your dish does not turn into charcoal! You can add the recipes into your shopping cart so that you’ll know what to shop for when you’re at the supermarket. You can also bookmark your favorite dishes for quick reference when needed.

The app is good for beginners and grilling enthusiasts alike who want to host a great backyard grilling gathering. Check it out!



Cost: $3.99
Category: Lifestyle
App size: 124 MB

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