Tetris-like Game for iPhone: STaCKaH

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Tetris-like-Game-for-iPhone-STaCKaH-badgeI have not played Tetris since I was in high-school and it was interesting to see how it would play on the iPhone. STaCKaH is a variant of tetris, in fact it’s really similar to it.

If you are familiar with Tetris, then you’ll understand the logic instantly. Movement of the geometric pieces is controlled by swiping gesture left, right and down. Tapping on the screen will rotate the geometric pieces.  So the objective is to stack/form as many straight lines as possible to earn points. Each level will consist of obstacles in various shapes to make your life a bit harder. There’s 100 levels to keep you occupied.

If you are looking for a puzzle game like Tetris for you iPhone, then you might want to consider this. All the original elements are there to keep you entertained.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
App size: 6.7 MB
Supported: iPhone &  iPod touch

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