Best iPad Games July 2011

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Here’s another monthly compilation of the best iPad games for this month worth checking out. Have fun trying them out!


app 1: Pocket RPG

The name of the game strikes it weird for me initially as I thought it meant mini-rpg game but it makes sense when you get into the game. Pocket RPG is an adventure RPG game which involves, yes…looting. So fill ’em pockets. You get to play 3 different character classes, Dark Ranger, Battle Mage and Blade Master. Each class is unique with their own skills and has different styles of play. One main strange difference compared with other traditional RPG games is that you don’t get to keep your experience and loot. After completing each dungeon, you start all over again however you can upgrade your skills and power-ups over the course of the game. Overall, Pocket RPG is a unique and fun action RPG game with many randomly generated dungeons to play.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Games
App size: 90.7 MB


app 2: Eternity Warriors

Eternity Warriors is a fast-paced sword wielding melee game. You play as Eternity Warriors to save Northern Udar from powerful new demons under Demon King Kilic. You also get an AI controlled companion to help battle the evils. It’s a strictly hack-and-slash game where you level-up your character, and equip them with more powerful weapons and armor. This is a fun free game with great graphics but lack depth in the storyline area.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 129 MB


app 3: Planet Fish

Planet Fish is an aquarium simulation game where instead of buying the fish like most other games do, you instead have to go submarine hunting for those fishies. Apart from hunting, you will need to feed your fish, clean the aquarium by swipe gestures and sell them when they mature. Visually appealing, fun and definitely for the fish lovers.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 159 MB

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