Precision Stylus for iPad: Jot

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Here’s another Kickstarter project where the device is a high precision stylus like the stylus called e.stylo but this has a 2mm tip. What’s different for this stylus compared with other styluses is that it has a precision disc to give you better accuracy when sketching or drawing. Among some of the features of the stylus is that it has a a ball point that simulates a real pen experience, heavy metal and rubber grip for a high quality built, magnetic cling that attaches to the iPad so that you’ll not lose it easily and also protective cap. There’s currently 2 versions of the stylus, one the normal Jot stylus and a Jot Pro stylus. The normal Jot does not come with a magnetic cling and rubber grip.

There’s still 12 days to go and bidding ends on August 13th. If you’re interested to back the project, the normal Jot stylus can be yours including shipping in the US for $15 and the Jot Pro for $25. Check out a video review of the product below by Geekanoids.

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