iPhone Finance Apps to Manage, Budget and Save Your Money

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Ever had that New Year’s resolution that you’re gonna clear that outstanding debt and increase your savings only to fail miserably at it? Here are some iPhone apps to help you manage and budget your wealth and finances.


app 1: Saver ~ Control your Expenses

This sleek looking app lets you enter your monthly budget and check on your spending. As you make your entries, it will deduct the amount from your budget. Saver lets you track your expenses in 15 categories like food, groceries, utilities, etc. You can opt to view your spending in a nice pie graph too. Also comes with passcode protection to protect your sensitive data.


Cost: $2.99
Category: Finance
App size: 3.1 MB


app 2: Money iQ

Money iQ is your total financial management app that you can use for both your business and personal finances. It lets you have multiple multiple account management, expense tracking, view of your net worth, generate reports and also backup your data.


Cost: $4.99
Category: Finance
App size: 7.8 MB


app 3: Expenditure

Expenditure is a simple intuitive app that lets you easily add a new transaction and you can include a photo or a quick note with it. Lets you record income and expenses on the fly with built-in currency converter to track your vacation budget as well.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Finance
App size: 8.8 MB


app 4: Mint.com Personal Finance

This free financial management app lets you connect to all your accounts in one place securely. Mint lets you add your checking, savings, retirement, credit cards, and more to let you manage your budget and expenses accurately. It also has a new geolocation feature that finds all the merchants nearby to help users assign the expense to the respective establishment which then automatically updates the users’ bank balances.


Cost: Free
Category: Finance
App size: 11.1 MB

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