Watch Me Change Weight Watch for iPhone

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watch-me-change-weight-loss-iphone-badgeWatch Me Change Weight Watch is one of the Watch Me Change apps where this is focused on your body changes. The purpose of the app is simple. It allows you take photos each day of your body(including your head if you want) and it can generate a video of all your photos and lets you see how you’ve changed over time.

While most people will use this to check on weight loss, I see no reason why you can’t use it for weight gain as well. I’m a bit on the slim side and this works great to check how you’ve bulked up. Yes, I’m trying now to fulfill my 5 year’s ago resolution to have a nice bod. The app allows you key in your weight as well to check how you’ve progressed and comes with a daily reminder to take a new photo each day.

It also allows you to set multiple users on the same app, so you can take photos of your gym friends as well and lets you share the video via email, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Watch Me Change Weight Watch is a great little app that you can use along side your iPhone fitness apps to check and monitor your workout progress or just for sweet memories sake.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Lifestyle
App size: 4.8 MB
Supported: iPad, iPhone &  iPod touch

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