My 10 Thank Yous to Steve Jobs



Thank you for inventing the iPhone that has changed how we communicate and live our lives.


Thank you for coming out with the iPad that will be indispensable to my parents when they receive it this Christmas.


Thank you for being the fashion icon that wearing a black turtleneck and washed-out jeans is pretty cool.


Thank you for creating the iOS that enabled thousands of developers to create compelling apps and make a decent living out of it.


Thank you for creating a standardized and unified ecosystem where I don’t have to worry not being able to charge my iPhone if I forgot my charger. Someone next to you is bound to have an iPhone as well.


Thank you for teaching me a thing or two about public speaking, leadership and how to think differently.


Thank you for being a game changer and pioneer in the mobile space that I’m able to pursue my interest by starting this blog and other mobile opportunities.


Thank you for teaching us that clean minimalism can be the most effective design.


Thank you for your thought provoking speech at Stanford to remind us to always strive for the best, not settle and to cherish our lives.


Till we meet again. Thank you Steve.

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