Best iPad Accessories October 2011

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Here are some new iPad accessories for this month to extend and improve the functionality of your iPad. Check them out:-

#1. Disney AppMATes


This new toy by Disney called the AppMATes is gonna make your kids wanting you to get it for them. What’s unique about these sets of cars are that you use them to interact and play on a free game released for the iPad called Cars 2 AppMATes. While this looks cutesy and fun, but I would think twice of letting your kid banging the car on your iPad. Anyway it comes in a pack of 2 cars costing $19.99 and should be out this month on both Apple Store and Disney Store.

Price: $19.99
Supported: iPad, iPad 2
Website: Disney


#2. Griffin AirStrap for iPad 2


Griffin Technology has released an iPad 2 case called the AirStrap. The main purpose of this case is that it comes with a strap at the back of the case where you can slip your hand in and use the iPad securely with one hand while you’re standing, sitting or just out and about at the subway. The good thing about the case is that it’s pretty neat and not bulky with a good molded frame protecting your iPad. The bad is that the strap can be a bit too tight for bigger hands. Do take note that this case does not have protection cover for the front display.

Price: $49.99
Supported: iPad 2
Website: Griffin Technology


#3. SuperShell for iPad 2


Right, so you decided to entertain your kid with the iPad while you wash the dishes only to come back seeing it dropped on the floor with a cracked screen. Yes, that’s a nightmare that’s very possible. That’s why M-Edge has come out with an iPad accessory called the SuperShell. It’s  a shock-absorbent foam bumper that wraps around the device and prevents damage even when dropped. Now you can go and cook in peace.

Price: $29.99
Supported: iPad 2
Website: M-Edge

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