Best iPad Games October 2011

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Here’s another monthly compilation of the best iPad games for this month worth checking out. Have fun trying them out!


app 1: FIFA Soccer 12 for iPad

FIFA 12 the excellent game for the consoles is now available for the iOS devices. This more than 1GB game comes with 22 official leagues, 500 teams and more than 15,000 players to choose from. The control involves three buttons but it changes depending on the scenario. So it can get a bit complex and confusing at times. There’s even a multiplayer mode where you can use 2 iPhones as controllers with the iPad as the viewing screen. There’s also a manager mode where you can devise tactics, buy and sell players and scout for talent. FIFA 12 is an addictive game for soccer fans who wants a bit more depth than just kicking the ball around.


Cost: $9.99
Category: Games
App size: 1.03 GB


app 2: Forever Drive

Forever Drive is a futuristic TRON-like racing game where you have endless supply of tracks to race on. Unlike other racing games, it lets players design their own tracks by just using their fingers to trace a line and then upload it for all other players to race on. Also, you can literally forever drive as long as you reach your checkpoint which will add more time for you to race. Forever Drive is a great free racing game which gives you something new each time where players can be easily bored racing on the same tracks.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 112 MB


app 3: Sough Ninja

Sough Ninja feels like a combination of both Angry Birds and Cut The Rope where your objective is to save the hostages tied to the rope with your shuriken. As with Angry Birds, it’s a physics game where you need to angle your shuriken correctly and quickly or the hostages will be dead for hanging too long. If you’re sick of throwing birds around, then try out this awesome free ninja throwing game.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 27.5 MB

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