WorldCard Mobile – Business Card Reader For Your iPhone

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WorldCard-Mobile-Business-Card-Reader-For-Your-iPhone-badgeI always think that it’s a great hassle for me keeping every single business and name card I receive and I normally end up chucking it somewhere or just end up losing it. Yes, my organization skills isn’t that good and that’s where this iPhone app is a lifesaver for that aspect of my life.

WorldCard Mobile is a business card scanning app for the iPhone which lets you snap a photo of a business card and it’ll automatically using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to input the details from the card into the app. I tried it and it really works. I was pretty surprised that it managed to sort the names, job titles, emails, faxes, website addresses into the correct contact details. That really saves a lot of time instead of manually keying in the details.

The app is pretty simple to use and it comes with a great help section if you need it. There’s 2 ways to scan the details in. First you get to either choose a photo from your existing album or you can just take a new photo with your camera. After that, just hit the Recognize button and it’ll start scanning and doing its magic. It’ll then bring you to the contact info screen where you can change anything if you want but from what I’ve tested the app has sorted it accurately in the right sections. Click Export and the details is saved together with a nicely cropped image of the business card.

The second method to get the details in is from the email signature. Just open any email in your iPhone and copy the whole signature section. Then just head on back to the app and select the Signature section. Hit Recognize and it’ll do the scanning trick again.

WorldCard Mobile supports up to 7 languages:- English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. It also has iCloud support to backup your precious data from getting lost. This awesome app is a must-have for busy professionals or socialites.


Cost: $5.99
Category: Business
App size: 11.1 MB
Supported: iPhone &  iPod touch

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